The Prescient

by Antlion

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released October 23, 2015

Produced by Antlion
Music & Lyrics by Antlion
Mixed & Mastered by Zack Ohren
Recorded by Arend Nijhuis
Album art by Chris Volion



all rights reserved


Antlion Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Incubation
As time goes on we learn again
that fear will lead the minds of men
Blind hate
Fuel the misinformed
Primal state
Victims of uncertain times
Paragon of lies
Perspectively divine
Twisting in your eyes
Confusion intensifies
No one would see the signs
Their freedom slowly lost in time
The incubation agenda prevails
Relinquish all of your rights
I must not fear...
The quest for peace, forever marred
The truths withheld from the masses
Bury the heads of our people in sand
and honour the bliss of our ignorance
Honour the cause of a single life lost
While many still perish abroad
A martyr engendered; the words within mouth
vicarious manipulation
Feed the fear of millions
Blind their eyes
Render their hearing
Cut out the tongues
Track Name: Hubris
Simple creatures of their habits
Yet, capable of so much worse
Our potential is duly wasted
Moving backward, impeding progress
Redundant, I know the story
but I can't seem to find a way
to get my fucking point across
Does it matter?
That I'm complacent?
or is it that I'm
just sick of your bullshit?
My disconnected mind comes alive,
long enough to see your faults
and the reasons you will fail
Never one to analyze
beyond your narrow minded eyes
Always there to criticize
but never to hypothesize
The answers always seem so clear
When everything is black and white
One day you'll see your words are flawed
Your bias will be your undoing
Our race is multiplying faster
than our collective minds develop
Regression of the tallest order
Constituent to selfish nature
Ignorance breeds malleable nations
Fit to consume radical bullshit
Give them belief that freedom is theirs
Restricting their pleasures,
disguised as protection
Raised to fail, why are we so lost?
Blessed by the wings of knowledge,
We fly too close to the sun
Waiting for the new age
I lick my wounds and count the days...
Track Name: Cycle of Failure
To thinly draw the line between
Fact and fiction, hands unseen
Withholding fact, controlling data
Molding a sheltered consciousness
The age has passed, where knowledge was
fruit to be shared, a gift among us
Taken for granted, cast aside
Shallow opinion, strangled pride
Remove all resistance, destroying the evidence
Burn, burn it all
like blackened wings, the ashes mark
The end of reason
History erased before our eyes
The ulterior motive sought to be concealed
Distract the ignorant with simple complacency
What is happiness?
When people are afraid to feel anything at all?
Tonight we burn it all
These towers, they must fall
Our tomes, filled with sin
The cycle of failure
History erased before our eyes
Burn, burn it all
like blackened wings, the ashes mark
the end of reason
Burn, burn our tomes
These blackened wings have taken flight,
our sight removed
Deceived by those who've left you blind
Delusions of utopia
Resist, remove, destroy, rebuild
Track Name: Hive
In secrecy, slaves to our clockwork
within these labyrinthine walls
A sacrosanct objective to unify them all
Worlds behind stone walls
(while bones are picked clean)
Slowly worked to death,
they never knew better
The flesh and blood of thousands
will fuel the hive machine
Expendable retention for this inferior breed
Doomed never to see sunlight,
these husks of mortal men
Through sisyphaean torture,
relive the strife again
Drones behind these walls
(with no hope for respite)
They are sworn to his word,
machinations of God's will
Iniquity to break the spirits of our human harvest
Idolatry to fill the minds
with a heightened sense of purpose
Worlds behind stone walls
(while bones are picked clean)
Suffering for salvation
A feast for those with empty minds
to nourish souls with empty lies
Our monolith extending high
built upon the graves of those who died
Beneath the veil of scripture
All shall serve under one master
Lest we are blinded by his obsidian eyes
Will we see light again?
Track Name: A Seer's Elegy
Over the rolling plains, the desert beckons
Two demigods among us traverse the sands
One man, a wealth of knowledge,
of humble virtue
His leader filled with pride, reckless abandon
A parting of the ways ensures
the final fate of heroes
Premonitions of your final resting place
Now heed the words of a dying man
who offered you the chance to live
By mending your lust for blood
I'd rather die then live without ability
My body withered and suffering
To slake your pursuit of conquest
by misguided teaching
A solemn crowd begins to gather around
The flames consuming what was
And none could see as he burned into ash
The struggle or the pain, dying serene
"We will meet again..."
Alone again, he travels on
Ten thousand strong but one is gone
I see his face and I repent my ignorance
For all of those who dare to witness
a falling star, end of an age
Your words ring true yet now I hear them too late
I close my eyes one final time, we'll meet again
We'll meet again
Track Name: Spire
This dismal monochrome, devoid of variation
These walls I call my home, my prison, my tomb...
My spire
Alone, I wait for the day to come
Within these weaving chambers,
all doors to different minds
All paths to different times, these memories of mine
Clutch at my chest, still beating
A deluge of nightmares unfolding
These walls only add confusion
as they slowly move nearer
Ascend against my will
Then I will find my way out of this place
This dungeon of my own creation
Shackled to guilty misgivings from the past
"Only you can face the final door
Only you can rightfully restore
Only you can stave off your own death
Only you have the mind to save what is left"
Within these weaving chambers,
all doors to different minds
Paths to different times, these memories of mine
To take the road less travelled,
one must forget the past
Embrace this waking moment and find freedom at last
I smell the air, the fog is lifting
I see the sky, the day is breaking
I raise my arms and scream above
The sun is mine
The groaning earth begins to quake
A cleft begins to form, all within its wake
Will soon be swallowed whole, never to enslave me again
I am my own master, this life is mine to live
Track Name: The Prescient (Part I)
Motions, the veil of thought has been lifted
Beseech the chosen one
Traveller, implore the passage of time
To find the golden path, ensure our survival
All truth, lines of possibility must be calculated
One mind, faced with one thousand voices
The din of chaos reigning
Entangled in causality, this web of realities
And I will pull the strings
Will they doom themselves?
Betrayed by their own mistrust
Their saviour has finally arrived, I must not fail
Am I a god? Or a pawn of macroexistence?
Lucid dreams of transcendence coincide with consciousness
Visions of Shaitan
Martyr myself for all mankind
My new skin becomes my new mind
Leaving my human past behind
My reign will last thousands of years enshrined
I, God Emperor
Track Name: The Prescient (Part II)
The seeds are sown, the golden path is true
My final act of selflessness
Forsake the human form
I strive to protect
Conceal the sacred hoard, the secret must be kept!
Three thousand years controlled
Immortal reign fulfilled
Yes, all things must end
The curse of leading visions
I plot my godly demise, release from inhumanity
Left to their vices
Their hopes, their sins
Soon to scatter across the cosmos, infinite
(Water passes over me, my flesh decays, writhing pain,
sweet release in extremis)